Arthritis Research UK Medical Research Council

CIMA Engagement

People with musculoskeletal disorders, their carers and the wider public are integral to CIMA and are valued partners in what we do. We want to ensure that our research is relevant to them and has maximum impact, through creating a research environment which: 

  • has a shared commitment to the importance and value of research
  • engages people affected by musculoskeletal disorders and the wider public
  • facilitates the effective and timely translation of evidence into practice


We are keen to involve people with musculoskeletal disorders and members of the public in all stages of our research, and are continuously developing ways to enhance the partnership between patients and public and researchers. Patients and public have an especially important role in helping us to question how and why we do certain activities. This in turn helps us to: 

  • set priorities for research
  • decide on what the research is setting out to achieve
  • understand what the research findings mean to patients and members of the public
  • plan and design studies that are relevant, accessible and of interest to patients
  • recruit people to take part in research studies, particularly by helping to ensure that the information we give to patients is co-developed and is clear and easy to understand
  • understand how the findings can be applied in practice through a strong programme of knowledge translation for maximum impact
  • communicate and share study findings and wider CIMA activity


 If you are interested in becoming involved with CIMA, or would like more information on any aspect of patient/public engagement, please contact:

Dr Lynne Corner

Public Engagement Officer and Director of VOICE

Dr Fraser Birrell

Impact and Engagement Lead