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PhD Study

CIMA hosts a unique programme, offering students multidisciplinary training in the processes and effects of ageing in the whole musculoskeletal system. Any further opportunities open to new students will be advertised on this page and via Find a PhD.
Examples of current PhD student projects
Project titleSupervisors
Nutritional modulation of epigenetic signatures of musculoskeletal ageing. Dr Elizabeth Laird (Liverpool), Dr Hyang-Min Byun (Newcastle), Professor Peter Clegg (Liverpool)
Computational modelling to identify novel anti-inflammatory interventions to preserve musculoskeletal function in old mice. Professor Anne McArdle (Liverpool), Dr Lesley Iwanejko (Liverpool), Dr Carole Proctor (Newcastle), Dr Daryl Shanley (Newcastle)
Investigation of the effect of age-related methylation changes within enhancer regions on target gene expression using CRISPR-Ca9 technology. Dr Louise Reynard (Newcastle), Professor David Young (Newcastle), Professor George Bou-Gharios (Liverpool)
Do vitamin D and protein synergise with physical activity to enhance musculoskeletal health across ageing: a complex intervention? Dr Elizabeth Williams (Sheffield), Dr Bernard Corfe (Sheffield), Professor Emma Stevenson (Newcastle), Dr Thomas Hill (Newcastle)
Sarcopenic obesity and fracture risk: investigation of muscle phenotype, muscle function, gait and epigenetic effects of obesity on muscle and bone. Dr Jennifer Walsh (Sheffield), Dr Claudia MazzĂ  (Sheffield), Dr Daniel Cuthbertson (Liverpool), Dr Kasia Whysall (Liverpool)
Whole food approaches to enhance exercise recovery, muscle strength and functional performance in older adults. Professor Emma Stevenson (Newcastle), Dr Antoneta Granic (Newcastle), Professor Avan Sayer (Newcastle), Dr Elizabeth Williams (Sheffield), Dr Daniel Cuthbertson (Liverpool)
Modelling the mTOR pathway to optimise the effect of dietary restriction on the musculoskeletal system. Dr Daryl Shanley (Newcastle), Professor Ilaria Bellantuono (Sheffield), Professor Tom Kirkwood (Newcastle)
Are older people at increased risk of adverse physiological consequences of sedentary behaviour? Dr Daniel Cuthbertson (Liverpool), Professor Graham Kemp (Liverpool), Professor Michael Trenell (Newcastle)