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News - September 25th 2013

CIMA is awarded £657,000 from the Medical Research Council to fund the purchase of a Bi-planar x-ray system and TissueFAXS plus.

A bi-planar x-ray system will allow a greater understanding of the basic musculoskeletal biomechanics of ageing and its associated ailments, through a much more accurate quantification of motion. This system will allow CIMA investigators to identify optimal approaches to monitor age-related changes in all musculoskeletal tissues, and so provide an integrated assessment of musculoskeletal function that will underpin the development and testing of novel interventions to maintain or enhance bone, cartilage, ligament/tendon and muscle function during ageing. The system will be based at the University of Liverpool.

TissueFAXS plus will enable scanning and automatic analysis of brightfield and immunofluorescence tissue samples, and thereby aid in the identification of molecular and cellular changes occurring with age in the musculoskeletal tissues. The equipment will be based in the bone analysis lab at the University of Sheffield.

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