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News - November 7th 2016

CIMA collaborators have been awarded ca £100,000 from Arthritis Research UK Medical Technologies Proof of Concept Fund to develop a software tool to improve early identification of vertebral fractures.

Osteoporosis affects 1:2 women and 1:5 men and can lead to vertebral fractures which have a significant impact on quality of life (such as back pain, height loss, impair physical function).  Vertebral fractures, particularly mild fractures, are difficult to diagnose and can go unreported. Early identification is import but challenging.

Funding will be used to develop and evaluate a software tool, ‘VERDICT,’ that identifies osteoporotic vertebral fractures. The ultimate aim is to implement the tool as part of a comprehensive patient fracture risk assessment. Provision of improved diagnostic services to patients as part of their skeletal health management would result in increased fracture detection rates, earlier diagnosis, the more timely start of treatment interventions and a subsequent decrease in the number of future (incident) fractures. A reduction in patient waiting times for bone clinic appointments would also be achieved through earlier detection and the prompt start of treatment interventions.

The project will be led by Prof Alejandro Frangi at the University of Sheffield,  along with Dr Margaret Paggiosi, Dr Jose M Pozo Soler, Dr Richard Jacques, Dr Nicola Peel, and Professor Richard Eastell. For more information on this research project, contact Louise Jaeger-Wright (


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